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Efficient Logistics from Planning to Execution

Your Partner for Heavy-Lift and Over-Dimensional Cargo

At Babaji Shivram, we specialise in providing comprehensive logistical support for heavy-lift and over-dimensional cargo (ODC). As a trusted 4PL logistics partner, we excel in coordinating, planning, and supervising ongoing and capital projects. Our value-added services, including route surveys, route planning, special permissions documentation, and cost model analysis, enhance efficiency and effectiveness. We pride ourselves on building enduring customer relationships and supporting our clients from the initial planning stages all the way through to the final phases of execution

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From Planning to Execution, Simplifying Deliveries for you

Efficient Solutions for Project Logistics and Streamlined Bulk Movements

our case study

The cargo size, totaling 3581 CBM / 215 MT with 73 packages, was scheduled for pickup from Singapore Port and destined for Kakinada Port via Ocean Chartering, with delivery set for JAN 2023


3581 CBM / 215 MT

Number Of Packages


our case study

Babaji was responsible for streamlining the logistics of 6 million feature phones from Thailand to JIO Mobile in Navi Mumbai

Cargo Size

3581 CBM / 215 MT

Number Of Packages


3PL Logistical Solution

Delivering Against All Odds: Bulk Cargo Transport in Yemen
Amidst Challenging Times

At Babaji Shivram, we are committed to serving our clients’ needs even in the face of adversity. This was exemplified when we undertook the delivery of a set of transformers from India to Yemen, just before the outbreak of the current civil turmoil

Anticipating the potential risks associated with the situation, we meticulously planned and executed the transportation of four over-dimensional cargo (ODC) transformers and other small cargo. Our comprehensive 3PL logistical solutions encompassed customs clearance, freight vessel booking, and intercarting at both ports. To ensure seamless delivery, we employed the under-hook delivery method, directly transferring the packages from the vessel onto hydraulic modular trailers. Aware of the challenging road conditions in Yemen, we conducted thorough route surveys to determine the optimal path for transportation. In order to facilitate a swift and smooth delivery, we even undertook road reconstruction efforts to mitigate any obstacles along the way

As the final phase of transportation approached, the country was engulfed in war and unrest. While we deeply mourn the unfortunate events and tragedies, we remain steadfast in our commitment to delivering the transformers and ensuring the safety of our ground staff even in the most difficult circumstances

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