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Driving change by making a difference

Through our strategic efforts and responsible practices, we aim to bring about meaningful and impactful change that leaves a lasting, positive impact on people, the environment, and society as a whole

Babaji Shivram Affilations

Delivering Excellence with Safety and Quality in Logistics

Babaji Shivram Logistics is proud to comply with industry norms and regulations governing safety, security, and quality control. We actively engage with lawmakers and policy development panels to uphold best practices in our field. As a leader in logistics, we operate according to established standards and are endorsed by renowned professional organisations. Our implementation of ISO 9001:2008 and OHSAS 18001:2007 certifications distinguishes us as a trusted and reputable organisation, dedicated to providing excellent service to our clients while prioritising safety and quality

Building Trust Through Accreditation

Babaji Shivram proudly holds affiliations, endorsements, and certifications from a range of esteemed organisations and professional bodies, including:


Upholding the physical and mental well-being of employees, prom ting a safe and conducive work environment


Implementing measures to prevent accidents, injuries, and hazards,fostering a culture of proactive risk management


Preserving and protecting nature, minimising the ecological foo print through sustainable practices and resource utilisation


safety executive

Safety holds paramount significance as we proactively mitigate risks and optimise operational efficiency by strategically managing human intervention

  • Elevating Safety and Quality Standards
  • Effective Project Risk Management
  • Enhancing Customer’s HSE Understanding
  • In-House Training and Orientation Initiatives
350 +

People Helped

People Helped

1000 +


Training Programs conducted

100 %




Our logistics brand prioritises sustainability through efficient operations and eco-conscious choices. We optimise transportation routes and use eco-friendly packaging to reduce our carbon footprint


Transparent and accountable governance defines our logistics brand. We adhere to high ethical standards and maintain integrity across all levels of the organisation, ensuring trust, stability, and long-term success

Pioneering a Sustainable Future for Stakeholders and Society

The adoption of ESG principles integrates a comprehensive framework into the organisation’s strategy, prioritising value generation for stakeholders through:

  • Environmental Responsibility: Mitigating pollution, CO2 emissions, and minimising wastage while preserving marine flora and fauna
  • Social Inclusivity: Embracing a diverse and inclusive workforce, ensuring equality regardless of gender, caste, creed, orientation, or other differentiating factors at all organisational levels
  • Governance Excellence: Upholding transparency, accountability, and ethical practices
  • ESG integration also aligns with sustainable investing, signifying a commitment to a class of investing that considers long-term viability and positive impact on society and the environment
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